Adhesive Film / Self Adhesive Film

Self-adhesive films are a great invention. They can be attached to almost all smooth surfaces. Films are flexible, can be used On furniture, Windows, walls, kitchens, vehicles, and much more. Old objects no longer need to be disposed of, just because they look outwardly. With a self-adhesive foil, each object is upgraded and looks like new again. Not to forget: self-adhesive films are a big part of the advertising technique! With self-adhesive films of all types you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The self-adhesive films are available in different variants. They differ in durability, releasability, Material and surface condition. Our films are all available with or without laminate. Thanks to the Bubble Free film bubble-free gluing guaranteed. Of course, you can also determine your desired Size by entering the width and height yourself. The films are available in almost all shapes and colors possible.

We place great value on environmentally friendly production as well as trouble-free printing in the best quality. Printed with the latest Latex technology. This is water - and scratch-resistant, odour-neutral, and produces a maximum colour result.

4 Year Adhesive Film

7 Year Adhesive Film

For short - term and medium-term operations. You can choose between shiny, matte or transparent surface. Transparent films is particularly suitable for behind-glass applications. Sie want to be on the safe side? Then select plating the Laminate. With this, the adhesive film is extremely scratch-proof and uv-resistant. The UV resistance is extended to 2 to 4 years with laminate. Perfect for pasting on an object, which has a high wear-and-tear, or constantly is exposed to the sun. The adhesive is transparent. For long-term use in the Indoor and outdoor area. The film is available with either the latest Bubble Free technology, which guarantees a bubble-free installation. The glue is gray colored, so that a clean Cover is guaranteed and avoided by the seem of reasons. These self-adhesive foil is softer than the 4 year slide, and allows the round or curved surfaces. For maximum durability, it is recommended to use laminate. The foil is often used for lettering on vehicles. In our Shop we have for you the selection according to simple criteria compiled to help you make your desired film without problems and without a long Search.

Data delivery

For your individual printing, we need a high-quality image or a vector file. You can send us an E-Mail with the file, the file during the order process, upload, or simply our own design program, the theme or the font on the insert. But prefer by Mail? Not A Problem! To send us your USB-Stick or a CD. We will process your order with care and is entitled to the best quality!

Self-adhesive foil in the advertising technology

Advertising technology the technical implementation of an advertising campaign is, in principle. In this large area, we offer self-adhesive films. We label your vehicle according to your Wishes. Yes, even a complete wrap for your vehicle, it is possible with the self-adhesive foil, and a laminate coating. In addition, the adhesive films can be applied to signs, metal and window. Let your ads speak for themselves!

Production by digital printing

Digital printing is a printing method to transfer the print image directly from the Computer of a printing machine. We print with the latex printer. The term Latex is attributed to the special inks used for printing. It is water-based Latex inks that contain no volatile solvents and other dangerous substances. When printing, only the smallest amounts of volatile substances are emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, this pressure due to its environmental friendliness is very popular. In addition, the pressure-odor, scratch - and water-resistant. No matter, whether for the Indoor or outdoor area: The latex printing can be used for everything. In addition, the latex printing offers endless possibilities for Planning printable materials: PVC, sticker, Wallpaper, fabrics and textiles various types of paper, and much more.

Adhesive film - a full-fledged Material

In advertising technology can be self-adhesive films used for advertisement signs, vehicle lettering, Vehicle wraps, adhesive film for furniture and window lettering.

Vehicle lettering (e.g. rear window sticker) - a Must for every Business

A sticker ( Car stickers / car stickers ) with your company name definitely belongs on your company car. Rear window stickers are used very often. In the label printing house, we produce cool stickers of your choice. In the Sticker Shop you will find many of the suggestions ( sticker car, Sticker car ). You Formulate Your Wishes. We will print your label to your complete satisfaction immediately.