Advertising Banners/ Advertising Tarpaulin Cover

Banners are the ideal advertising medium to attract targeted attention. They are very versatile. For example, as a screen, for scaffolding, for a festive occasion, a sporting event or as a General means of advertising. Use your banner horizontally or vertically. The sizes are freely selectable. So you will definitely find the perfect Format for your event. PVC Banner should always be at eye level for maximum effect. Choose between three different PVC Banner materials and design these individually.


PVC Frontlit

PVC Blockout

PVC Mesh fabric

Our Bestseller: a Cost-effective and for most applications, sufficient. The Banner is ideal for facades, scaffolding, event or party decoration. For an eye-catching advertising, we recommend Blockout Banner. This can be print on both sides. The banner fabric has a grey barrier layer, which ensures that no light penetrates. The pressure also shines on Sunny days, in full color. The Mesh fabric is characterized by its Wind - and light permeability. It is often used for places such as scaffolding and balconies, as these places are exposed to constant Wind. By the wind permeability of a tear of the Eyelets is prevented.

Further processing

Edge reinforcement with Eyelets

Hollow to hem


The PVC tarpaulin is reinforced at the periphery with an additional layer of PVC. This edge reinforcement is used, a better stability (resistance to tearing). One of the pages of the banner should be shorter or exactly one metre in length, we reserve the right to dispense with the edge reinforcement. This will not be usually necessary. The metal-set Eyelets by default, all the 50cm, can be placed on request, but also at a different distance. The Banner is each provided on two opposite edges, with a hollow hem. The hemstitch is used to attach the banner to one or several rods. The hemstitch is made in the rule for a rod diameter of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cm. On request, we can adjust the hollow to hem your individual needs. The Banner will be tailored to your final format. For the fixture itself.

Banner printing / Tarpaulin printing

Many companies make with scaffolding advertising, hoarding advertising, or a textile banner. A advertising plan that has been made with modern digital printing, is absolutely weather-proof and uv-resistant. The banner advertising has increased in recent times. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, your mesh will consist of banner, in addition to the many established Bauschildern.

What is the difference between advertising banners and advertising tarpaulins?

There is no difference. They call you advertising banners and tarpaulin cover – you will be a success with your banner ads for sure!

Produced in Switzerland

We print with the latest printing technology, the Latex-print. This is scratch-resistant! In addition, our Banner, uv-resistant, tear -, and weather. The shelf life is 2 to 3 years in the outer area.

We print up to a length of five meters.

Choose between two Strengths and you hang up your Banner with metal eyelets or a vertical column.

Our 440g/m2 cost of Planning and have a perfect thickness. It is ideal for Indoor and outdoor use.


Our 510g/m2 Banner are B1-certified (flame-retardant). The Plan are allowed in the indoor area for trade fairs and shops.

Promotional banner design for yourself?

Take a look for yourself! In the following Video explains how you can create your own Design.

No registration is required and we will produce your sticker, depending on the printing process starting from one piece!

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