Labels and stickers

Contour cut stickers (no Background) solid color

The motifs and fonts are cut with a cutting plotter from colored, self-adhesive foil and then Hand-raised. In order for the fonts and Logos and motifs can be glued to a piece of, we coat them with a Transparent Applicator film. The Applicability of foil is stretchable. This facilitates the mounting on curved surfaces is essential. The foil is removed after mounting, and it is only the Motive remains. For single-color label, the Motto: Less is more - modern and simple! The Highlight of The label can be a piece on our website design. So, for example, a car can be cost labels, or window labels conveniently and without great effort self-realized.

Contour cut stickers (no Background) multi-colored

The procedure is the same as in the single-color contour cut labels. Only the subject is composed in this method, from a plurality of colored foil and then with a transparent mounting film coated. The colors can be any you choose. The stickers are especially good for eye-catching advertising space suitable. They do not leave any adhesive residue when Peeling.

Sticker Skirt-contour cut

The motif is printed via digital printing on either a white or transparent foil. Similarly, the opportunity to choose a matte surface. The cut is precise and exactly. Almost all shapes are possible. Particularly popular in the borders and the lettering. The stickers are one-sided self-adhesive and without adhesive residue to remove. You can in the Interior and the area outside be used.

Sticker, Round/Oval

Colored round/oval labels set of special signals. Therefore, you will be happy for advertising labels, gift boxes, sale items and Highlighting new or special packaging. The oval stickers are also given away as a promotional medium. This can be on almost all surfaces without Problem removed again.

Sticker rectangular/round corners

Of course, we also print rectangular labels, with rounded corners. You can even determine how rounded the corners should be. The price is calculated automatically in our design program. The Tool is available to you for free and without registration. The classic Sticker are self-adhesive, uv-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-resistant. You are, for example, for letter labels and tool labels.

Stickers - the sticker today

Stickers (e.g., bumper stickers, Switzerland / car stickers, Switzerland ) are made with modern digital printing in the label printing and usually only 1-3 days to be delivered. You can make stickers / labels on our Website. Our customers from Switzerland, to create your company's label with or without the Background and let the car stickers and other promotional stickers in the sticker printing (Swiss quality) printing. Car sticker printing, sticker printing , Sticker printing), (you can in our Shop.

Adhesive letters

Design your advertising inscription on the car with individual adhesive letters or a complete sticker printing. Car stickers and stickers with contour cutting ( contour-cut stickers ), the stickers without Background, these are our customers are particularly popular. Car sticker design Switzerland - the speech is here.

Vehicle lettering (e.g. rear window sticker) - a Must for every Business

A sticker ( Car stickers / car stickers ) with your company name definitely belongs on your company car. Rear window stickers are used very often. In the label printing house, we produce cool stickers of your choice. In the Sticker Shop you will find many of the suggestions ( sticker car, Sticker car ). You Formulate Your Wishes. We will print your label to your complete satisfaction immediately.

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Produced in Switzerland

Our stickers are made of high-quality films. They are produced in Switzerland and can be used for applications of any kind. They are suitable for Indoor and outdoor use. Whether as a car sticker, advertising sticker, company sticker, letter label, tool label, or product label. With us you get quality at the best price.

Sticker design

Here, you can let your creativity run free. In the following Video explains how you can create your own Design.

No registration is required and we will produce your sticker, depending on the printing process starting from one piece!