Wall Tattoo/ Wall Sticker

Small messages or motifs on the wall that motivate us each and every day, make you happy or Smile. In the case of the various spells, images, and motifs is something for everyone. Some are still missing something in your kitchen, bedroom or in the nursery? Or a motivational saying in your office? Let our Designs inspire you. And if the right motif, you can create your individual Design.

Wall decals can easily be installed yourself in just a few steps to install and just as easily removed without leaving any residue. You are one-sided self-adhesive and will stick not only on Wallpapers but all that grease and dust free of: living room, kids room, room doors, Windows, and even in the bathroom on the tiles! Wall decals are inexpensive and can be easily changed.

The wall tattoos are divided into different categories so that you can quickly get to your desired product. The wall decal stickers can be used without problems even installing.

Solid color


The wall tattoos are cut from a solid pliant, Soft PVC films, and with a transfer film. There are several colours with a Matt surface are available. The film without a Problem removable. It is suitable for markings, inscriptions and decorations in the interior, especially on interior walls. Fire behaviour (DIN EN 13501-1): B-s2, d0 (flame resistant, limited smoke development, no Dripping). The motif is printed on a white Soft PVC film and then contour cut. The printer features a brilliant color rendering. He is resistant to scratches and water. Also, the colors are uv-resistant.

Processing note

The to be glued surface must be free from dust, grease or any other contamination. He should not be porous or textured, otherwise the adhesion of the material may be affected. Coats of paint must be dry. In order to determine whether the type of paint offers an adequate primer, prior to application tests.

Wall stickers: wall stickers / wall murals / wall stickers look very classy!